Other non-freediving activities:

1-desert dinners

hiking in the valleys

while the food is being cooked, we usually go for a walk and climb up and down in the famous valleys of Wadi Gnai. 


vegetarian or non-vegetarian

Whatever your food preferences, we will make sure you are served really well.

bedouin music along with a beautiful instrument

Enjoying our Dinner with a Bedouin singer while playing with his Sim-simeya.

2-ras mohammed

Yollanda and sharks observatory

Enjoying the beauty of Ras Mohammed national park is definitely one of the MUST DO activities in Sinai.


Yoga & meditation

The perfect complement for Freediving we organize Yoga and Meditation workshops, classes for groups or individual session in beautiful locations

hiking & mountain climbing

Retiring for a day or two or just an afternoon to the soothing silence of the desert is a blissful experience.We organize excursions to different  valleys and canyons in the proximity of Dahab with experienced guides and instructors.

other activities

Visits to the beautiful lagoona of Dahab