"Learn freediving in Dahab, Egypt in a very comfortable and safe way"

"Discover a deeper connection with this powerful and mysterious element"

"A team of passionate instructors dedicated to knowledge development, highest standards of safety and a fully customized freediving courses and training sessions"

Historicaly, freediving has been practiced since many years ago. Were the Amma diver, sponge and Pearl collectors all those people have been using freediving as a profession to to obtain their precious elements from the bottom of the sea.

Those people were using the techniques that you will be taught into your freediving course in a smooth and modern way while following the highest safety standards that are established by a well reputable internationally recognized organization. Those freediving courses are well studied to give you the freediving basics needed to make your experience as smooth, pleasurable and enjoyable as possible while carrying  out the activity in a very safe way.

Who can freedive?

Freediving has gifts for everyone. Any person  who see himself as a sport man and wants to research his/her athletic performance can freedive.

The ones who are living a busy stressful life and looking to a relaxing yet challenging hobby will enjoy the experience.

The ones who are looking for a personal development path, even the ones who are ready to meet their limiting beliefs, fear or past traumas.

The creative underwater photographers.

Or the ones who just love to be in the water  like snorkelers, surfers, spearfishing or pole spear fishing people can benefit a lot from freediving.


Why do we  freedive?

Freediving combines physical and mental fitness, body awarness and focus, Discipline and boldness.

It is a lifestyle on it’s own accompanied by a beautiful and natural settings.

Freediving challenges you to the core no matter how deep you dive you will never be the same after your freediving training session/course.

It strengthens the nervouss system teaching us to relax and manage stress skills that can be brought to our daily life.

Freediving lets us meet our mental and physical limits making us humble yet brave.

What are the freediving courses?

Freediving courses will teach you the basics of how to freedive safely in the ocean, during the course you will learn how to safely practice the freediving disciplines.

You will also learn how to use use the freediving fins, masks, wetsuits and lanyards.

Those courses are tailored to your level to make sure that you get the most of the experience.



Why Freedive N Egypt?

You will be coached by a team of experienced instructors who have been trained and certified by different international freediving organizations. Our Instructors come from different experience field of Frediving such as competitive Freediving, competitiopn safety, coaching for athletes and sports psychology. They have also broad academic background that has shown to support our students in their different lines of interest and personal challenges. Freedive N Egypt Team is also able to teach and Coach in 7 different languages.

Completely tailored made courses and training cycles that are designed for every individual student meeting his or her personal needs and focus making the learning experience absolutely personal.

We use state of the art Molchanov wetsuits and gear.

Featured courses

Recreational courses



training sessions

In Light House dive site or the Blue Hole (the Mecca of Freediving)


Specially created to let you experience different aspects of Freediving in a shorter period of time.


Monofin course, Safety Freediver course, AIDA Judge course 


Mastering the various equalization techniques,inluding Frenzel,  Mouthfill and CO2 tolerance.

other activities

Yoga, Meditation, Hiking and Desert Dinners

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